Electro-magnetic Healing!

PAPIMI device. A PAPIMI berendezés egy elektromágneses teret hoz létre, amelyet az érintett területre irányítunk. Ez az erőtér serkenti a gyógyulási folyamatot, valamint a sejtek növekedését és regenerálódását. Linkek: Wellness Within | Fájdalom Ambulancia

- Off the shelf Degausser for pain control
- Original Mr. Thumpy article
- Coil construction details for magnetic pulsers
- Original Bob Beck HIV Blood Neutralizer material
- High Power Magnetic Impulse Experiment

The Beck Protocol

1. Microcurrent therapy for cleansing the blood
2. Magnetic pulsing for tissue electrification
3. Drinking ionic/colloidal silver
4. Drinking freshly ozonated water


Sound Healing

The BETAR sound healing system - from Keelynet. Uses phase conjugation to capture sound resonance fields from around the body and feeds it back to reverse negative developments in the body. ( Google )
BrainWave Generator generates binaural beats that change your brain frequency towards the desired state, be it relaxation or enhanced attention. With a rich preset library.
Frequency Healing Frequency list 2 and 1 from here.

Orgone Energy

Orgone zapper created by Don Croft  (Terminator II - order): The zapper consists of two components the Orgone and a modified electrical circuit. The Orgone is layers of Organic and metallic matter. The combination of the two creates a very concentrated amount of Life-force energy, driven into the body by an earth magnet. The electrical component contains a mobius coil, a 9V battery modulated by two crystals an amethyst and a garnet gemstone. The coil stimulates the latent Kundalini energy in the body, the current kills the parasites and the viruses in the body and the Orgone infuses Life-force within the immune system and the physical body; increasing the overall energy levels and thereby the functionality of the mind and the body.
Based on Wilhelm Reich's cloud-buster technology, The Orgone Cone converts dead life force energy into Orgone or positive Chi. Orgone is a 50/50 mix of organic matter and metal. Orgone is reputed to negate ELF and microwave transmissions. Immersing yourself in Orgone field overtime will bring back functionality to the mind and vigour to the body. ( Educate yourself: Orgone generators ) Don Croft's latest construction update on HHg's

The Cloudbuster Re-Invented
By utilizing the research of Wilhelm Reich, we have created a cheap, portable and easy to build device that consistently destroys Chemtrails and heals the atmosphere. The  “chembuster” is the answer to these ongoing attacks. Unlike the original cloudbuster, the CB changes the deadly orgone energy to good orgone energy and does NOT become saturated or dangerous to the operator.

Educate Yourself - Orgone and Orgonite

Improved Moebius coil

Educate-yourself orgone and orgonite links:
In an article titled: Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies , a method has been found to disperse and breakup chemtrails ; allowing for a return of normal blueness to the sky, the return of real clouds, invigoration of the air with a clean, fresh smell and the bringing of rain to those areas where drought is being artificially created by HAARP and other secret weather controlling technologies (read our overview of the New World Order if you can't understand why the alleged 'government' is trying to do these things). The device can be constructed by anyone with modest skills using easy-to-obtain building materials. The chemtrail despoiler is called a "Chembuster " and was deveolped by Don & Carol Croft. It is a design combination of Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster and a new invention, an orgone generator. A much smaller orgone generating structure, which utilizes similar construction materials, is called a Holy Hangrenade . The Holy Handgrenade can mitigate energies intended for Mind Control and other nefarious purposes that are being radiated from underground facilities such as Montauk, the HAARP project, microwave GWEN towers and affiliated ELF microwave arrays being added to existing high voltage towers. Don Croft has also designed a modified 15 Hz zapper (personal bioelectrification device) that incorportates an orgone generator as part of his zapper. He calls it the Terminator. While engaging the Bad Guys, Don utilizes a pulsed crystal device known as a Succor Punch (SP) and a more powerful version of the SP called a Powerwand. You can make your own or obtain these devices ready made from me or others.


Natural and Mental

ESSIAC - The formula:
6.5 cups of burdock root - cut. (Arctium Lappa)
16 oz. Sheep Sorrel Herb - powdered. (Rumex Acetocella)
1 oz. Turkey Rhubarb Root - powdered. (Rheum Palmatum)
4 oz. Slippery Elm Bark - powdered. (Ulmus Fulve)

Flor Essence (buy online) a further refined Essiac:
For hundreds of years Flor-Essence was a secret known only to the North American Ojibwa tribe and described as 'the holy drink which brings the body back into balance with great spirit'. This knowledge was passed on to the Canadian nurse Rene Caisse who researched and developed the formula with Dr Charles Brusch - former personal physician to USA President John F Kennedy.

Colloidal Silver - nature's antibiotics:
Educate-Yourself modified the standard generator design based on the work of scientist/inventor Merlin D. Wolf. Merlin had suggested important CS generator circuit design improvements which allows the user to produce an extremely high quality grade of colloidal silver without the undesirable byproducts mentioned above. In addition, Merlin has worked out a better production protocol that further enhances the quality and quantity of CS produced, even for first time users.

With the plethora of New Age books now on the market, new methods of healing are being championed which involve using various techniques, symbols and invocations. We are led to believe we can channel higher energies by using symbols, invoking Angels, Star Systems, Divine beings, God Stars, different Gods and other beings, but in reality we are often drawing in lower vibrations and therefore LIMITING the energies we are channelling. There is also the very real possibility of drawing down untoward negative energies. This is one of the largest fundamental mistakes we have been making for some time. This is ego, getting in the way. We do not need to use symbols or invoke anybody or anything in healing. What IS knows ALL there is to know. The truth is all about ALLOWING! Allowing removes the hurdle of the mind/ego even further from the equation and frees up the intuitive side which enables energies higher than the intellect to come through and get on with the work. (The Illusion)

With Equilibra we gently stretch the chakras away from the physical body and - if we refer back to our model of the drainpipe - we can literally open up the drainpipe from top to bottom and scoop out all the straw in one go! The entire negative emotional and mental energy removed in one fell swoop, safely and securely. We then close the drainpipe, the blockage having been totally removed. Thus, working with this special technique and sequence following how Nature works, we are able to remove blockages from the Central Channel (Rod of Light) and also remove negative energy from each of the major chakras it feeds, including all of the minor ones.

Pyramid Power

VOLODYMYR  KRASNOHOLOVETS and ASSOCIATES: This research was sent to me in January of this year by Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, one of the top theoretical physicists at the Institute of Physics in the Ukraine.  This article contains the research that was carried out in Russian pyramids built during the last 10 years by Alexander Golod from Moscow.  This article was sent to me to be posted exclusively on our web site.  We thank Dr. Krasnoholovets and his associates for giving us the honor of releasing this research to the West. Also, please see the excellent Photos of these Pyramids which we have posted.

The Great Pyramid as an Aether Wind Trapping Site by Volodymyr Krasnoholovets.